Strollology x B_Tour Festival

We’re proud to be part of the first B-Tour Festival in Berlin from August 30 – September 1 2013:

B_Tour invites groups and individuals, to create tours that rethink storytelling, and suggest innovative, experimental approaches to the conventional format of a guided tour. Tours should encompass engaging ways of intervening public spaces and relate strongly to Berlin’s social/cultural/geographical fabric. The festival is particularly oriented to projects that challenge us to rethink our everyday relationship to the urban environment. The festival is a multidisciplinary arts platform where various artistic expression/disciplines meet social activism. We look for audio tours, video tours, tours without a guide, tours led by animals! Anything goes.

Tours should aim to explore the critical dimension of citizenship, locality, mapping, high art, popular culture, gentrification, human- technology interface, psychogeography, geographical hegemony and politics of public space. Community involved projects, arts discipline cross-over projects and collaborative endeavors are particularly welcomed.

B because it’s not A, it’s an alternative to the hegemonic narrative of conventional guided tours;
B because it’s all about personal and communal Biographies;
B because we want to Breach the Borders between public and private spaces.

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